Cannabis banking setback in Congress (Newsletter: June 14, 2024)

Cannabis banking setback in Congress (Newsletter: June 14, 2024)

When Politics Clashes With Progress: The Ongoing Struggle for Cannabis Banking

In a landscape where 40 states have embraced some form of cannabis legalization, the recent decision by a Congressional committee to strip marijuana banking protections from a crucial spending bill is baffling and IGNORANT! This political maneuver overlooks the widespread public and state-level support for cannabis, hindering the industry’s progress and posing challenges to the safety and operations of legitimate businesses that drive state economies.

How counterproductive are these political games when the majority of the country supports cannabis legalization? The removal of banking protections forces businesses to operate on a cash-only basis, which is not only inefficient but also unsafe. It’s high time for policymakers to align with economic realities and public sentiment instead of impeding an industry that is proving beneficial in numerous ways.

Read more about this issue here: [Congressional Committee Strips Marijuana Banking Protections from Key Spending Bill](

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