Marijuana Use Linked To Increase In Light Physical Activity, Study Challenging ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype Finds

Marijuana Use Linked To Increase In Light Physical Activity, Study Challenging ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype Finds

As an avid marital artist and “high energy” individual, I have been stating this for years! Now there is proof. Researchers discovered that marijuana users engaged in more light physical activity compared to non-users, suggesting that marijuana may actually encourage people to be more active. The researchers analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which included information on marijuana use and physical activity levels of over 20,000 adults. They found that marijuana users engaged in an average of 159 minutes of light physical activity per week, compared to 103 minutes for non-users. This challenges the common belief that marijuana leads to a sedentary lifestyle. The findings provide valuable insights into the potential positive effects of marijuana on physical activity levels and highlight the benefits of marijuana for promoting an active lifestyle. Further research is needed to fully understand the relationship between marijuana use and physical activity, but these findings offer promising implications for those looking to maintain an active lifestyle while using marijuana.#MarijuanaAndPhysicalActivity #ChallengingStereotypes #ActiveLifestyle #HealthBenefitsOfMarijuana #ResearchOnMarijuanaUse

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