New Hampshire GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Says She Would Oppose Marijuana Legalization If Elected

New Hampshire GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Says She Would Oppose Marijuana Legalization If Elected

A Step Back? New Hampshire’s Gubernatorial Candidate Questions Cannabis Legalization Former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, now a Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire, has voiced her opposition to the legalization of marijuana, citing concerns that could potentially set back the state’s cannabis reform efforts. Ayotte argues that legalizing marijuana could worsen the fentanyl crisis and increase mental health issues among young people—views that contrast sharply with years of observational research in states where cannabis has been legalized. Her stance comes at a critical time as New Hampshire lawmakers, led by a Republican-majority House, have already passed a bill advocating for adult-use cannabis. Ayotte’s position could influence the trajectory of this legislation, especially with the upcoming departure of Governor Chris Sununu, who has also shown reservations about outright legalization.The debate in New Hampshire is heating up, with Ayotte’s perspective clashing with the growing body of research suggesting regulated cannabis markets do not necessarily e xacerbate public health crises. As the gubernatorial race unfolds, her views are poised to significantly shape the dialogue and decisions around cannabis reform in the state.Top of Form

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