Ohio Regulators Issue Provisional Marijuana Licenses To Dozens Of Businesses, Readying Imminent Launch Of Adult-Use Sales

Ohio Regulators Issue Provisional Marijuana Licenses To Dozens Of Businesses, Readying Imminent Launch Of Adult-Use Sales

Ohio regulators have issued provisional marijuana licenses to dozens of businesses, paving the way for the launch of adult-use sales in the state. The Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) has approved 62 provisional dual licenses for dispensaries, cultivators, processors, and testing labs. However, these license holders cannot start selling to adult consumers immediately. They must first meet various requirements, including updating point-of-sale technology and ensuring an adequate supply for patients. Once these standards are met, and inspections are completed, the businesses can obtain a certificate of operation to begin dual sales. The speed at which Ohio regulators are working has been praised, with some businesses anticipating a quick turnaround for the issuance of licenses over the summer. While there is no specific start date for sales, it is expected that compliant dispensaries could begin operations within weeks. The latest date for license issuance under state law is September 7. Governor Mike DeWine, who does not personally support legalization, has expressed frustration with the delay in access to regulated products since voters approved legalization in December 2020. Legislative efforts to expedite sales have faced challenges, but progress is being made towards implementing adult-use legalization in Ohio.

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