Rescheduling Cannabis Shifts The Paradigm By Finally Recognizing Its Medical Value (Op-Ed)

Rescheduling Cannabis Shifts The Paradigm By Finally Recognizing Its Medical Value (Op-Ed)

New Horizons in Cannabis Research: DEA’s Shift to Schedule III The DEA’s recent move to reclassify cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III marks a pivotal moment, officially acknowledging its medical value. This change under the Controlled Substances Act is more than just a procedural update—it opens the door wider to extensive medical research. By recognizing cannabis’ accepted medical use and lower abuse potential, we’re poised to see an influx of studies on its efficacy, dosage, and delivery methods. While this shift doesn’t solve all regulatory hurdles—interstate commerce remains off-limits—it does pave the way for critical advancements in understanding and utilizing cannabis in medical treatments. This reclassification could be a game-changer, sparking much-needed research and continuing to shift public and governmental perception towards the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It’s a step forward in the ongoing effort to refine cannabis policy and integrate it more comprehensively into healthcare and society.

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Cannado | \ ˌka-nä-ˈdō \ | noun

1: The embodiment of a lifestyle that harmoniously combines the values of cannabis culture and the universal concept of “do,” emphasizing wisdom, harmony, and the path to enlightenment.

2: An individual or entity that exemplifies the principles of “do” within the cannabis marketplace, renowned for their strategic prowess, ethical business practices, and holistic approach to industry challenges.

Cannado | \ ˌka-nä-ˈdō \ | verb

1: To practice business with the balance and focus of a martial artist, applying the principles of “do” in cannabis industry operations, signifying a methodical, disciplined approach to business strategy and execution.

2: To engage in the cannabis culture with a mindset of continuous improvement and ethical conduct, paralleling the journey of mastery found in martial arts, fostering a community of respect, learning, and growth.

Cannado | \ ˌka-nä-ˈdō \ | adverb

1: In a manner that reflects the principles of “do” within the cannabis industry, applying wisdom, balance, and strategic discipline to every action and decision.

Cannado | \ ˌka-nä-ˈdō \ | adjective

1: A harmonious fusion of cannabis culture and the philosophy of “do,” emphasizing relaxation, discipline, and peaceful conflict resolution, creating a unique lifestyle.

2: Reflecting a deep understanding of the cannabis trade’s dynamics, blending street-smart intuition with strategic foresight, embodying a fearless approach to thriving in a volatile business landscape following the principles of “do.”