UN Health Official Advocates for Science-Based Drug Policies

UN Health Official Advocates for Science-Based Drug Policies

I’m not always aligned with UN decisions, especially regarding Middle Eastern politics. However, when it comes to drug control, I stand with the recent call by a top United Nations health official for countries to shift from a war on drugs to approaches rooted in science, human rights, and public health. This perspective aligns with the latest research highlighting the efficacy of cannabis and psychedelics in treating a variety of health issues. It’s time for policies that reflect our growing understanding of these substances and prioritize well-being over punitive measures. #DrugPolicyReform hashtag#ScienceBasedPOlicy hashtag#CannabisResearch hashtag#MentalHealthAwereness hashtag#HumanRights Read about it here: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/top-united-nations-health-official-calls-on-countries-to-replace-war-on-drugs-with-alternative-regulatory-approaches/

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